Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let's decide for sure...

...on what we're doing/reading for February. I know we've emailed but I don't know that anyone has made a decision. Should we post in the comments of this post what our vote is or am I just being redundant?

Hunger Games has to be postponed. There are almost 50 holds on it at the library.

Blue Castle ... we're also having a hard time getting. Not nearly 50 holds but still. Do you all think we can pass enough copies around to have it read by February?

This is very serious business. Let's act appropriately.

Especially you Liz. Wipe that smile off your face.


  1. I think we can get enough blue castles around by the end of Feb from what I've heard its short. Lets postpone Hunger games until the end of the year as orginally discussed. Happy reading fellow bookies

  2. I agree with Kelly! and yes I am working on getting that recipe up...for some reason I don't keep my recipe book up at the computer...:) I keep forgetting!

  3. Mel, I have yer book I can return so someone else can read! AND...I bought my own. (sigh) Good read. Really good read.

    BTW...great pic. :D

  4. Thanks Liz. Anybody want to borrow Blue Castle? I think I may even order another one and I can pass that one around too.

  5. Mary Yates?! I wish I could be a part of your book, fun, fun.