Saturday, January 17, 2009

The blog looks great. Thanks, Melanie, for the hard work. I have Blue Castle coming to me from the library but it is taking a long time to get here. We can figure out more details at the February meeting.


  1. Hi Sheri, hi to all your family. Leslie here. Is this a book review blog, or a book club blog? Care if I join? I have a book review/writing blog too, but I like to stretch myself as thinly as possible. Hope everyone is well.

  2. Hey, Leslie! Welcome. This is our book club blog. We decided to set one up so it would be easier for us to keep track of everything. We also are going to post recipes from our last meeting. We will have our book list up soon. Join right in. We will be discussing at our meetings but you are welcome to comment. I'll let everyone know who you are.