Saturday, February 28, 2009

Post-bookclub post

Hey everyone!

Our bookclub this week was grrrreat! We had a great turnout and missed a few who couldn't be there. I still haven't finished the book (I'm bad I know) but I will. I think for the most part Blue Castle got a thumbs up. I finished the rest of the apple crisp for breakfast this morning. YUM! Now on to Anytime Any Minute and/or Silas Marner! (Right?)

Thanks for coming everyone!



  1. Hey, could you guys post the reading list for the year somewhere on the blog? That would be fantastic.

  2. What a wonderful blog. I loved the Blue Castle. It just made me smile plus there were some poignant passages that moved me. I will be back often.

  3. That was a great meeting and really a fun book to read! carrie, what are you doing up at 1:11 am posting that message?!